Travis Wilson: Trial delay in Tamworth Local Court for illegal firearm accused

Travis Wilson’s case was meant to go to trial this week.

But, troubles with the appearance of a witness and a report from the NSW Police Forensic Ballistics Investigation Services has caused dramas. Parties for the accused and the police prosecution met twice this week to find a solution.

A report on the mechanics of the alleged firearm sold to one of the 25-year-old’s co-accused would be crucial to the case, the Crown prosecutor told Tamworth Local Court.

“Not just because of whether it’s prohibited, but in terms of the reliability, credibility and honesty of what was done with that firearm,” he said.

“Whether it could be done or not – in laymans terms, can it be bodged up to make it work?”

Police allege Wilson dealt an illegal Uberti revolver to his co-accused at Woolomin in June last year, who was unauthorised to possess it. There isn’t a lot of evidence to be presented in the trial, the court heard. The Crown case is expected to take three days, and the trial was adjourned until October.

Wilson was arrested by Strike Force Delaney, launched by Oxley Rural Crime officers and the Target Action Group to investigate the rodeo scene and rural crime, before the net widened.

He is charged with one count of supplying a prohibited firearm to a person unauthorised to possess it.Wilson has pleaded not guilty.


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